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7 & 8 may 2017

501 Bio-dyn

MVG Museum Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 Munich, Germany

The 501 Bio-Dyn specialises in biodynamic working winemakers. Quality and pleasure of the biodynamic wines come together in an perfect way. Not technic or chemistry dictate the quality and the taste of these wines, but the soil, the climate and the ability of the winemaker. Terroir-specific and authentic wines are the result, that you can discover on the 501 Bio-Dyn. The 501 Bio-Dyn refers to professionals from the gastronomy and the winetrade.

The 501 Bio-Dyn will take place for the first year. Meet 160+ winemakers from all over the world, who will present their wines personally. And immerse yourself in the fascinating world of biodynamic wines.
Samedi 4 et Dimanche 5 février 2017

Dégustation Greniers Saint Jean

Greniers Saint Jean, Angers

Amis professionnels du vin, retrouvez-nous à la dégustation annuelle des Greniers Saint Jean!

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